Apply to be a Guardian

A guardianship opportunity may be the most suitable idea for you if you want to bring a new puppy into your family without the cost of purchasing one. This option is only available to selected families. But what exactly does it mean to be a Guardian Family, and should you become one?


What is a Guardian Family?

A Guardian or Guardian Family is a person or household that agrees to keep and look after a breeder’s dog. This is a formal contract that carries legal obligations, some of which can impact and restrict your lifestyle. Failing to uphold your end of the bargain could lead to the dog breeder taking back your puppy. Dog breeders use Guardian Families to ensure that their breeding dogs have happy and healthy lives as the pet of a loving family. Guardian Families are far more humane than the alternative of breeders with too many dogs or puppy farms, which do not provide any of the care and attention a dog needs to live a happy life.


What’s the Difference Between “Owner” and “Guardian”?

 Guardian Families do not own the dogs in their care. The dog still belongs to the dog breeder. A Guardian is a person who has signed a contract to care for the dog on behalf of its owner. Ownership of the dog will only pass to the Guardian once the terms of that contract have been fulfilled.


At Puppocino, the Guardian Family becomes the dog’s new owner after it has produced a certain number of litters (3-4 depending on health ), or after it has passed the breeding age of 5 years old. Until then, the Guardian Family must carry out their responsibilities as specified by the contract.


What are the responsibilities of a Dog Guardian?


  • Keep the dog well-trained and in good health. The dog owner/breeder will be responsible for the dog’s maintenance and health care. The Guardian will be responsible in notifying Puppocino Kennel immediately if there are any changes to the dogs health.


  • Allow access to the dog for breeding. This includes remaining a reasonable travel distance from our home. All prospective dog guardians must live in the Greater Toronto Area. A male breeding dog may be away from your home for one week maximum. The female is expected to return to the breeder’s home during their heat for breeding. The female is expected to return to the breeder's home one week before the expected birth date. Female dogs can be at the breeder’s home for several weeks or more after birth. In all cases, the Guardian Family will usually have access to their pet while they are staying with the breeder, although there may be some restrictions or limitations.


  • Females: Allow the dog to be bred 4 times, or up to 5 years of age, whichever comes first. Males: Allow the dog to be bred at the request of the breeder. Male dogs retire at 6 years of age or earlier. Please Note: Puppocino will always consider the health of the dog before breeding. We will not breed any dog that is not suitable for breeding.


What are the benefits of becoming a Dog Guardian?

    1. Companionship without Long-term Commitment: You get the joy and companionship of a dog without the long-term commitment of dog ownership, as the primary responsibility typically reverts to the breeder after the breeding period. The Guardian will also have the option to keep the dog or choose another puppy. 

    2. Reduced Costs: Puppocino covers the routine health checks, vaccinations, deworming and microchip. Puppocino covers the dog’s breeding-related expenses and pays for health insurance. 

    3. High-Quality Breed: As a guardian, you get to care for a top-quality dog for free, which might otherwise be expensive to purchase.

    4. Health and Temperament Testing: The dogs approved for guardian programs are tested for genetic health issues and temperament, ensuring a healthy and well-behaved pet.

    5. Support and Guidance: Puppocino will provide ongoing support and guidance, which is especially useful for first-time dog guardians. The Guardian will receive extensive knowledge and advice on how to train your dog. Private sessions with professional dog trainers will also be available at no extra cost. We are here for you 24/7 a day.

    6. Breeding Insights: For those interested in dog breeding, this provides a unique opportunity to learn about the process and the responsibilities involved.

    7. Reduced Responsibility: Puppocino takes responsibility during the breeding and whelping process, reducing the burden on the guardian. Boarding the dog at Puppocino is also free of charge, giving you the flexibility to take trips without the dog.


    8. Financial Incentives: The Guardian will receive a monetary bonus after each litter is born. This bonus is given to the guardian as a token of appreciation for their support in Puppocino’s responsible breeding process. 

    10. Emotional Rewards: The emotional satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of a dog and supporting responsible breeding practices is a significant benefit for many guardians.

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