About Us

Welcome to Puppocino Kennel, where our love and expertise in breeding Toy Poodles and Maltipoos shine through in every aspect of our work. We are Ivy & Kelly (mother & daughter) and for almost a decade, we have devoted ourselves to these captivating breeds, known for their intelligence, affection, and elegance. Situated in the picturesque Whitchurch-Stouffville, Puppocino Kennel is a haven of poodle love and companionship.

Central to Puppocino Kennel is our extensive Guardian Home Breeding Program. This program is our pride, allowing our Toy Poodles and Maltipoos to live in guardian homes as beloved pets, thus ensuring a life full of normal, family-oriented experiences. This approach underpins our commitment to responsible and ethical breeding, ensuring the highest quality of life for our dogs.

Our puppies are nurtured in both our home and these guardian homes, where they receive abundant love and social interaction. This environment ensures they are well-socialized and confident, ready to become cherished members of their new families. Our spacious property also provides an ideal setting for their playful exploration and development.


At Puppocino Kennel, we are more than breeders; we are a community of Toy Poodle and Maltipoo lovers. From the moment you choose one of our puppies, we are here to provide comprehensive advice on training, nutrition, and overall care. We cherish the bonds we create with our puppies and their families, celebrating the joy and love these wonderful breeds bring into our lives. 


Thank you for considering Puppocino Kennel for your new Toy Poodle or Maltipoo companion. Join us in this beautiful journey filled with love, laughter, and the delightful company of these exceptional breeds.